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CHICAGO PARK YOURSELF - Citywide Parking Space Project

Contact: Jenny Roberts -   Email: jenrobe@earthlink.net   Tel: 312-944-5112

Urban guerrilla action: A citywide series of action/performances intended to question the monolithic structures and unimaginative uses of urban space.

Dates: September 8 through September 16, 2006

Times: Variable - see Actions/Performances

Locations: Throughout the city - see Actions/Performances


This event imagines and enacts/embodies what could be done in a parking space besides parking a car. Why should cars be privileged? Why should so much space be devoted exclusively to automobiles? Participants, including performance artists, dancers, musicians, visual artists, activists and non-artists, will “rent” parking spaces throughout the city by paying the requisite amount for the time. Theoretically, this payment authorizes and entitles them to use the space in any way they choose.

When we temporarily free ourselves from automatic assumptions about the urban spaces we navigate daily, we can imagine new uses and invent new ways of entering those spaces, thus liberating ourselves — and perhaps those around us.

These performances are provisional and ephemeral and engage directly with notions of what a city is, both historically and spatially, as well as interacting spontaneously with immediate surroundings and passersby.

The action/performances are varied and include:

-A parking space mini-golf course

-Creation of a “futurepod” — a transitory museum that considers the complexities of neighborhood and place

-A family reunion

-A live Webcast

-Dances for unconventional spaces

-An office melodrama

-Construction and destruction of a picket fence

-A parking space urban tanning salon

These are just a few of the action/performances scheduled. For a complete listing and other information, please contact Jenny Roberts.

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