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Recycle Your Household Batteries

Participate in the City's household battery recycling program at all Chicago Public Libraries and Walgreen's stores. By recycling your batteries you will help keep these materials out of the waste stream and the battery components will be reclaimed for reuse.

All common dry cell batteries can be recycled, including alkaline, rechargeable, and other common types.

This recycling program includes most batteries used in the home both disposal & rechargeable, including:

Alkaline Batteries, these are the typical disposable batteries, Duracell, Energizer, Ever Ready

Lithium Batteries, these are typically found in cameras

All Button Type Batteries, often found in watches and smaller electronic devices

Wet cell batteries, like car batteries, can NOT be recycled through this program. *

* See the city of Chicago HPECTC site to recycle car batteries and more - Link


Drop off locations close to Pullman:

Mount Greenwood Branch of the Chicago Public Library - Link

    (or search below)

City wide locations:

Chicago Public Libraries - Chicago Public Library Branch List

Walgreens Stores - Walgreen's Store Locator

Containers are also located at:

The Household Products and Electronic Collection and Training Center (HPECTC), 1150 N. North Branch Street - Link

95th Street Red Line station

Jefferson Park Blue Line station

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