Gwen Gerard    


"I lived in Chicago from 1991 to 2002, then moved back to France. For one month, from August 23rd to September 20th, artist JB Daniel and I swap homes and studios. I come to Chicago and JB goes to Octon France. One of my main ways to relate to the world is through making and showing art. I brought with me some raw materials to help me get started. My work is about installations confronting spaces and memory and using different medium such as fabrics, videos, steel, wood, plants etc.

With no basic concept to begin with, I started working with the materials I carried in my suitcase, and kept track of my daily activities. Creating an art project will be how I 'Build Time' during my stay in Chicago. Even though I was not planning an opening or exhibit, after one month of working, I ended up with four IN SITU installations."

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