We are delighted to present mosnart visiting artist: Costina Macarie - "A Kiss for America"

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Costina Macarie

Costina Macarie was born in Romania, lived there close to nature and popular traditions. She graduated from the school of Graphic Art and studied drawing and plastic art during the 5 years of teacher school. Living in France since the age of 20, she learned weaving, a technique that she exploites in her artistic expression. She draws and composes with threads, and allows mouvements to be born in a spontaneous, instinctive way.

A kiss for America

A wonderful artist I met this summer in the south of France where I live, introduced me to his friends as the Brancusi's Romanian grand grand granddaughter. The first time that sound pretty fun. Then I stopped for a moment, and felt those words crossing my whole being. We made a game of it, repeated it, playing with it. That game was almost getting real.

Today I think that Romanians, we are all Brancusi's grand children. We call him the Romanian soul sculptor . He inspired himself in much of his work from the romanian traditional symbols and shapes. We are all those drawings, and they are us. The traditional art is engraved in our memories. The house decor, the cloth embroidery, the carpets on the ground, the walls... we grew up with that atmosphere, bright colors, stories, music. The nature comes in our houses and cloths in very elegant and stylised representations. And Brancusi built those shapes in giant sculptures simplified, brought to their essence. It's all about art, it's all about love and it's all about life.

And while I was running my feathers, drawing and playing with Brancusi's sculptures, shapes on my summer sketchbooks, synchronicities were coming into my mind. Like my first name : Costina. My grandfather's first name was Constantin Babos, and in his countryside in the East of Transylvania friends were calling him "Costica". And then my mother invented my first name : "Costina". Brancusi died at the age of 81, I was born in 1981.

While I was telling to a Romanian friend on the phone about this Brancusi adventure, she said to me : "Do you know the name of the street I live in ? It is : Auguste Rodin, the french sculptor Brancusi worked with for a while". One of my elder sister's first names is : Augusta. And saw the old weaving machine in Brancusi's native house.

I felt so evident to go and see more, dive more and more into his world and try to understand and translate his work with my own art technics : thread drawing and weaving. When I do it time and space disappear, it's just connection.

When JB Daniel accepted to welcome one of my works in Mosnart visiting artist project he showed me the place the work would be installed. I saw that door picture and felt all the people loving art getting in. That entrance inspired me love, and then I saw "the kiss". Yes!

Installed on the window above the door, this kiss is an invitation to love each other. Through the window you can see it while getting into the house and while going outside the house. So love will be in and out. There's no choice but love.

I spent many hours preparing the basis of the work. Installing the thread chain, scaling the drawing. I was doing it all slowly, patiently. When the moment came to start weaving the couple kissing, I felt the need to go to rest, start the work by a break, breath, and had a little nap in silence. And do you know who came into my dream ? My grandfather Constantin !!!! he was beautiful !! I never had a dream of him before ! He was young, smiling and telling me : "Go on Costina! Have fun! You must have fun!" This is not a story I invented, it's all so real. And so beautiful.

So please enjoy it and let me thank again Constantin Brancusi for existing and my friend who planted the grain of this connection.

-Costina Macarie, 2021
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