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Opening - August 23, 2009   2 - 4 pm

Jens Brasch - "inside/out upside/down"

We categorize the world into helpful metaphors for our use. Categories like up, down, back ,front inside, outside. If it is over our heads its up if below our eye level or feet its down . If its in front of our eyes its in front if it is behind our back its back. We project these categories into the environment that gives us the front of houses and back yards . It also gives us the possibility to be backwards and forward thinking . The mosnart installation "inside/out upside/down" plays with these categories and suggest that they are more flexible than we think.

"I taught art in high-school district 214 at Rolling Meadows and Wheeling high-school . For the last 10 years I have attempted to create using ideas from the Sciences, Philosophy and the Arts. I believe the most interesting ideas in our present period is coming out of science, especially having to do with the brain and consciousness. These ideas are revolutionizing the way we are going to think about ourselves and the world we live in, not to mention our place in it." -jens brasch

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