Sally Havlis    

Sally Havlis is a Chicago resident who earned an MA and MFA from Northern Illinois University. Her artwork explores the nature of and communication expressed by the material called “paint”. She has help establish and taught at an art school in the Chicago Public School system, and has also taught at Harper College. She has been on several advisory communities at The Art Institute of Chicago and has worked in collaboration with The National Museum of Mexican Art. Sally Havlis has supervised student teachers from both the School of the Art Institute and Columbia College.

Artist Statement:

My art work is an inquiry into non-literal communication, what we can experience and know through the invention of new forms. Using various media I pursue imagery that is undefined, but sometimes suggestive, physically substantial, but oftentimes pictorial, devoid of symbols, but seemingly about something in some indirect way. I am interested in imagery that does not convey or reinforce existent information.


September 16, 2017 7-9 pm

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