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As you step into Pullman, your senses are enlivened by the quiet hum of century. The era when hammers pounded metal, carbon and coal wafted, and the front door closed to the sweet smell of bread from home. The hands of Pullman echo through the etched walls of today. From the mottled skin of clay brick to the weathered steel bones of the factory, the evidence of hand-built Pullman is alive today. Such texture invites us to put away the slickness of our devices and immerse our hands in this thriving community.

To honor the past hands who built this beautiful town and to celebrate the culture of the community today, Sherri Gamble invites you to create a mold of your hand and cast it into plaster. Just as the clay that was dredged and molded to construct this “city of brick”, you will also experience some of these techniques through participating in this public art event. All ages are welcome! Once we have gathered our collection of hands, Sherri will install them to showcase and celebrate Pullman!

Sherri Gamble’s passion for community art began in 2012 when she started teaching glass casting at Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle, WA. What inspires her most is seeing other students come together and infectiously share their excitement and enthusiasm for art-making. Enjoying the spirit of place-making through creating art inspired her to not only continue to teach, but to also venture into a broader sphere of community outreach.

In 2014, she took her love of casting and mold-making to the public as a VALA Artist in Resident through a project she called “Hand Held”. Innovation and technology continue to quicken the paces of our life. Through the act of dipping one’s hand in plaster, moments are captured as our sense of touch is reawakened. In a joint collaboration with Pratt Fine Art Center, she also developed a teen casting and mold-making program and participated in the 2015 Seattle Mini Maker Faire.

Before Sherri unearthed her love of plaster and casting in 2001, she had a career as a Program Manager at Microsoft. Science continues to intrigue her, as art dances in relation to formula. Through working with her hands and immersing herself into her community through her passion for material, her love and appreciation for texture continues to surface.

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