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Arthur Melville Pearson

Pullman resident since 1986

Art and Nature. The twin passions of a life. Early in my career, I spent 15 years as an Equity actor, appearing mostly in classical roles in regional theatres throughout the country. Turning to writing, I spent the next 10 years chronicling conservation issues for a variety of publications, including Chicago Wilderness and Illinois Steward. Learning that my grandfather had emigrated to Pullman in 1888, I followed in his footsteps, moving here in 1986. Since then, I have rehabbed two homes, served as an active member of the Beman Committee and am currently working with Pullman neighbors – along with Artspace, Inc. and Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives – to build a 45-unit artist live/work space in Pullman.

As Director of Chicago Program for the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation, I oversee its grantmaking program in both the arts and environment. These twin passions also meet in Spiritus, which grew out of my fascination with the millions of songbirds that pass through Chicago every spring and fall. Each year, tens of thousands crash into buildings and die. Spiritus lives at the intersection of two Christian icons: the dove and the Sacré Coeur; the iconographic nature of the work accentuated by the decorative frame, handcrafted of recycled wood and inlaid with glass fragments left over from the 40-odd stained glassworks I have accomplished for my home.

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"Spiritvs", 2014

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