HERE HERE a celebration of here, here.

2014 marks our 5th year of bringing visiting artists to Pullman, we thought it was time to have an inclusive exhibition celebrating the artists and creatives that are HERE.

Saturday April 5, 2014 - artist reception 5pm - 7pm  
Sunday April 6, 2014 - open house 1pm - 5pm

Thanks to everyone who thought this was a good idea, with special thanks to the...

Participating Artists/Creatives:

Andy Bullen
Arthur Melville Pearson
Benjamin Capps
Cj Martello
Chris Campagna
Christina Sprayberry
Connie Lange
Dee Smith
Ian Lantz
James Caffrey
Jill Murtagh
Joe Gibbons
Joe Kallo
Justin Booz
Laura Milkert
Lawrence Kuhn
Lee Bey
Libby Anson
Linda Bullen
Lorraine Brochu
Lynn Smith
Marnee Schereck
Mary Ferazza
Michael Ramova
Michael Shymanski
Monica Wizgird
Norma Zarris
Paul Petraitis
Phoebe Murtagh
Q Kiser
Robbie Shymanski
Sarah Joy Liles
Tony Dzik

and more!

Food by: Raw Chef Mary Ferazza, Co-Host Amy Lindner, Chef Rowan Murtagh of Rowan's Hot-N-Fresh Bakery, Jinglebees Honey sampling from the Pullman apiary. And a big thanks to our Pullman neighborhood brewery and neighbor Nick for supplying plenty of Argus Beer!

 see HERE HERE event photo's on facebook

5 years of mosnart from mosnart on Vimeo.

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