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Connie Lange

Pullman resident since 1989

My name is Connie Lange and I have been living in Pullman since 1989. I have a BFA in Fiber/Fabrics from Northern Illinois University and a Masters of Science in Special Education from Dominican University. I currently work in the Chicago Public Schools as Case Manager/Special Education teacher. I volunteer my time in the Pullman Community and am currently the President of the newly formed Friends of the Pullman State Historic Site.

Creating art puts me in a zone where I can block out the day or week’s events. I like to explore new techniques and different types of clay bases and glazes. I use found objects to texturize the pieces I create. Various forms from nature and pieces that I see in my wanderings of antique shops with my husband inspire my work. I like to use hand building techniques (coil and slab) and the wheel to create my pieces. The teapot and pot that is on display is made of porcelain and is hand built using the coil method.

Connie Lange

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