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Laura Milkert

Pullman resident since 2009

Laura Milkert is inspired by the natural world and has an affinity for textures, handmade/homegrown processes, and a variety of media, be it taking photographs, working hands in clay, designing a plant palate for native landscaping, making paper out of garden fibers and reclaimed bits of paper, or incorporating found objects into collages. Laura’s creative happenings occur in the everyday.

Laura received her degree in Sociology and Anthropology, with an emphasis in Fine Arts and Peace Studies, from Loyola University. She has spent the last ten plus years in the field of environmental conservation and education and she now coordinates environmental stewardship efforts for The Field Museum of Natural History. Through a camera’s lens, Laura communicates about the intersection of humans and nature and documents the region’s many industrial, natural, and cultural facets. Laura has been a part of renovating two Pullman rowhouses, converted one Pullman front yard and corner plot to native grasses and wildflowers, and she welcomed one of Pullman’s newest community members into the world in 2013.

"untitled", 2014 (left)

"Vessel", 2014 (right)

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