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Monica Wizgird

Working in Pullman with The Cooperation Operation since January 2013.

Monica Wizgird (BA Art History, 2008) was introduced to the beauty of Pullman by a friend of hers from Grinnell College. Just over a year ago, together with a group of their peers they founded The Cooperation Operation, a community organization which transformed the lot at 114th and Langley into a community garden.

A self-taught photographer who cut her teeth on concerts and yearbook photography at Grinnell, Wizgird has carried a camera with her ever since. She took to documenting The Coop Op since the very beginning and posting the results to their Facebook, Instagram and website. She also serves as the organizationís Secretary and helps organize events like art shows, concerts and other fundraisers. These collective efforts have been highlighted in articles and interviews in publications such as DNAinfo Chicago, Greenheart Transforms and The Huffington Post, which featured Wizgirdís photography as well.

Besides working in Pullman with The Coop Op, Wizgirdís creative praxis is quite varied: she draws photo realistic portraits, creates paper collages and small Wunderkammers, cobbles jewelry out of found objects, and customizes her clothing. She currently teaches three after school art classes: mosaics, jewelry and fashion design, and she envisions a protracted future working in the arts, eventually pursuing a career in Art Therapy and its intersections with Placemaking and Urban Planning.

Fun Fact: Wizgird is a Chicago-born Polish American who speaks Polish and studies Russian, Spanish and Italian too.

The Cooperation Operation:

"Silhouette", 2014 (left)

"The Cooperation Operation", 2013 (right)

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