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Marnee Schereck

Pullman resident since 1999

In the mid-70’s, I was a student at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts , which is where I met my future husband Ron Schereck. Our first artistic venture was to establish R. Ideas Art Studio in the Marquette Park area along with two other artists. The four of us shared a mixed media workspace and had occasional exhibits featuring our work as well as other local artists’ work.

We later opened the Silvery Moon, a shop where we sold our artwork and the work of artists and craftsmen from the southwest side. After some time, Ron’s interest in gardening led to floral design and Schereck Designs Florist in Oak Park (1987-2005). Using a fresh approach to floral design, we always looked for opportunities to work “outside the vase” in order to achieve more creative interpretations.

Working with flowers that have strong design elements in themselves are inspirational and are often a focal point of direction for my designs.

Since 2005, I have been working as an event florist, with my studio in the Pullman Stables. I am currently getting back in touch with my fine arts roots thru glass and tile mosaics.

Plant sculpture

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