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  ON ZEN, FLOW, AND BEING IN THE DANCE   by Anna Paskevska    
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  Toward Understanding How Ballet Training Impacts the Establishment of Synaptic Connections in the Brain   by Anna Paskevska     click to read article

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Ballet Beyond Tradition: The Role of Concepts of Motion in Ballet Technique     click to order

by Anna Paskevska - Routledge Press, First Edition 2004

Summary: For nearly a century, the training of ballet and modern dancers has followed two divergent paths. Modern practitioners felt ballet was artificial and injurious to the body; ballet teachers felt that modern dancers lacked the rigorous discipline and control that comes only from years of progressive training.

Ballet Beyond Tradition seeks to reconcile these age-old conflicts and bring a new awareness to ballet teachers of the importance of a holistic training regimen that draws on the best that modern dance and movement-studies offers. Paskevska persuasively argues that the most vital dance movement is one that absorbs outside influences as well as preserving its traditions. Ballet Beyond Tradition offers new ways to understand the ballet vocabulary in terms of the most recent understanding of the body and how it moves.

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Both Sides of the Mirror, The Science and Art of Ballet    click to look inside

by Anna Paskevska - Dance Horizons, 1981, Second Edition 1992

Summary: The logic of the technique is illuminated through discussions of the purpose of barre work, its relation to center practice and integrated with concepts gleamed from kinesiology and idiokenisis. “Wisdom and clarity distinguish Anna Paskevska’s Both Sides of the Mirror, the Science and Art of Ballet… It is evident in the writing that Paskevska has a deep respect for ballet and its inherent expressiveness and much experience in the subtle mental and physical process that is dance training.” (Margaret Pierpoint, Dance Magazine April 1982)

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From the First Plié to Mastery, an Eight Year Course    click to look inside

by Anna Paskevska - Princeton Books 1991, reprinted by Routledge, 2002.

Summary: A complete syllabus for ballet teachers, taking the student from the basics of plié through pointe work. “There is no doubt that this book will be the standard text to which other books on teaching classical ballet will be compared in future years.” (EP, The Academic Library Book Review April 1991)

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Getting Started in Ballet: A Parent’s Guide to Dance Education    click to look inside

by Anna Paskevska - Oxford University Press, 1997.

Summary: As the title suggests, this book covers all the important questions parents should be asking before enrolling their child in a dance class. “ ...a clear and important book with information on how to select the right teachers and school and the ideal progression of training…” (Dance Magazine, December 1997)

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An Intermediate/Advanced Pointe Class    order on line

Run time: 40 minutes

Description: Includes, barre exercises, center combinations and a coaching session of Aurora’ s variation from Act 3 of Sleeping Beauty and Swanilda’s variation from act 3 of Coppelia.

Cost: $39.95

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Music for Ballet Class     available on ebay

Description: This recording is designed to give the widest possible choices to instructors through a variety of tempi within each section of class and includes selections from Verdi, Donizetti, St Saens, Chopin and other classical and folk favorites. Played by Olga Meyer.

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